Stirling Engine Robinson Hot Water Heat , Stirling Motor , Desk toys ,Dad gift , Boy gift , Birthday gift ~ JAJ 831


~ all moving parts visible, idea for leaning

~ run from the heat of hot water.

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~ no battery required

~ Run on hot water , no battery required...
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The Robinson’s displacer moves vertically and the power piston move horizontally. This 90’ arrangement makes for a very compact size. In fact, the power piston connecting rod weaves its way through the displacer linkage.

The top & bottom plate is made from acrylic  , therefore all the moving parts are visible.


Place this Robison Stirling Engine on a cup of hot water / hot coffee  & it may needs some time to start. The time is depends on the heat source given & is generally within 30 seconds to 2 minutes..


The engine won't start by itself, but given a little push in the proper direction (strong enough to coast the parts over for several cycles), the engine will take off and continue running on its own.



Weight :400g

Sizes : 120mm x 120mm x 115mm

Material : Top & Bottom -Arcylic Plate

                Diaplacer - polyfoam

                others - aluminium