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~ all moving parts visible, idea for leaning

~ run from the heat of hot water.

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~ no battery required


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This is a Walking Beam Hot Water type Stirling engine. It can run on the heat from a cup of hot water


Place this  Stirling Engine on a cup of hot water / hot coffee  & it may needs some time to start. The time is depends on the heat source given & is generally within 30 seconds to 2 minutes...


The engine won't start by itself, but given a little push in the proper direction (strong enough to coast the parts over for several cycles), the engine will take off and continue running on its own.


The top plate is made from acrylic  , therefore all the moving parts are visible.



Weight : 250g

Sizes : 120mm x 120mm x 160mm

Material : small parts, flywheel , bottom plate ~Aluminium ,

                Top  plate  - Acrylic

                displacer - polyfoam