Levitating Solar Motor , Solar Mendocino motor, Solar Magnetic Levitation Model , Desk toys , Dad gift , Boy gift , Birthday gift ~ JAJ 2223

  • Place this model near to the window, in a car … it will work! 
  • build up with 4pcs of solar panel.
  • a gift for friends, family +…
  • a handmade item.
  • School Science Fair Project Ideas



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~When the light strikes one of the solar panels, it generates an electric current thus energizing one of the rotor windings.

~ This produce an electromagnetic field which interacts with the magnets in the centre, causing the rotor to turn.

~As the rotor rotates, the next solar panel comes in position. This solar panel now energizes the second winding.


~The process repeats again.

~Stronger lights = faster



Sizes : 90mm x 90mm x 120mm


Material: acrylic, wood, magnet, coil