Stirling Engine LTD Low Temperature Diffrential Stirling Motor ,desk toys ,dad gift , boy gift ~ JAJ 838 KITS

 ***It is a kit set***

~ No need battery

~ easy to play

~ idea gift for child & adults

~ Run on ice (counter clockwise)

~ run on router (followed clockwise)

~ run on hot water

~ run on heat of hand in a cool environment

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*** It is a kit set , simple installations is required***



The stirling engine runs on ice and hot water. It show the conversation of heat or cold into mechanical movement. The engine typically runs at rpm 100+.


The top and bottom plates are aluminium. 


If a source of neat is placed under the engine, the rotation will be counter clockwise. On the other hand, is a cold source is placed under the engine, the the rotation will be clockwise.


The driving energy could be a cup of hot water/ coffee or a block of ice. The only stipulation is that the difference temperature is great enough to overcome by friction generated by the motion of moving parts.  The greater change of temperature ,the more the engine will react to the change in pressure inside the engine. 


 Place this Low Temperature Stirling Engine on a cup of hot water / hot coffee  & it may needs some time to start. The time is depends on the heat source given & is generally within 30 seconds to 2 minutes...


The engine won't start by itself, but given a little push in the proper direction (strong enough to coast the parts over for several cycles), the engine will take off and continue running on its own.



Weight : 200g

Sizes : 120mm x 120mm x 160mm

Material : Flywheel -metal

                stand - acrylic

                Diaplacer - polyfoam (vary colour)

                others - Aluminium