Solar Low temperature Stirling Engine , Desk toys , Dad gift , Boy gift , Birthday gift ~ JAJ 823


~ A gift for adults & child

~ No Battery required

~ Run on Hot Water

~ Run on Ice

~ Run under direct sunlight

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~ idea for Christmas gift , just placed it on the snow... 


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The  Solar Stirling engine runs on direct sunlight! Depending upon the sun's incident angle, the engine typically runs at 150 + rpm up. All the moving parts are visible. The engine show the conversion of light into mechanical movement.


The top and bottom plate is made from acrylic glass allowing sunlight or the light from a lamp to heat up the black upper side of the displacer piston. Therefore the internal air is heated to allow the engine to work according to the Stirling principle.


 The engine won't start by itself, but given a little push in the proper direction (strong enough to coast the parts over for several cycles), the engine will take off and continue running on its own.



Weight : 400g

Sizes : 120mm x 120mm x 200mm

Material : Top & Bottom - Arcylic Plate

                Flywheel , stand & small parts - Aluminium

                 Diaplacer – polyfoam