Solar Low Temperature Stirling Engine KITS , Desk toys ,Dad gift , Boy gift , Birthday gift ~ JAJ 822 Kits


~It is a kit set, simple installations are required

~ No need battery

~ easy to play

~ idea gift for child & adults

~ run on ice (counter clockwise)

~ run on router (followed clockwise)

~ run on hot water

~ run under direct sunlight


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*** It is a kit set***


 JAJ 822 KITS ~  Solar ltd stirling engine

~ An idea for learning (all moving parts are visible)

~ A gift for adults & child

~ A green toy, no battery required

~ Run on Hot Water

~ Run on Ice

- Run under direct sunlight



The package included

~ 1 set of ltd stirling engine model kits.

~ the installation instruction.

** You may need to have your screw driver while installation…


The completed engine sizes :120mm x 120mm x 160mm

Material :acrylic (top   )

                   Polystyrene foam (displacer)

                   Metal (flywheel)

                   Aluminium (stand , power piston , cylinder, connecting rod , bottom )