Stirling Engine Double Cylinder Thermo acoustic , Desk toys ,Dad gift , Boy gift , Birthday gift ~ JA 321


~ aluminium burner

~ 2 cylinders 

~ For long distance shipping , so we uninstall the cylinder , may need to re-install the cylinder

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This thermo-acoustic hot air engine has 2 cylinders & the flywheel is between the 2 cylinders. It is a powered by an alcohol burner. Firstly, light the wick, & then make sure you give it a good minute or so to heat up as well. Try to give a little push to the flywheel which is strong enough to coast the parts for several cycles. After a few seconds the flywheel will perform a full revolution and continuing running on its own. The engine can performs in 2 directions, clockwise & also counterclockwise.



Mat : Wooden base ,Glasstube , Steel wool & aluminium parts.

Weight : 0.8kgs

Sizes : 90mm x 65mm x 300mm